Cello Lesson


Now recruiting students!

I can give you cello lessons also in English or German.




Now I have more than 10 students who have various ages and experiences.

If you want to make progress in playing the cello, I would love to help you!


【private lesson 】

*At the moment I provide only online-lesson.

レッスン料金:4000円/60分 or 5000円/75分 or 6000円/90分
lesson fee: 4000yen/60min or 5000yen/75min or 6000yen/90min
*I don't fix the day of the week or time, because I'm also concert cellist. But I can give you the lessons flexibly between 1~4 times a month. (You can decide the frepuency by yourself.)
It’s also possible to give you a lesson singly.


If you are interested in my lessons or have some questions, please write me from the contact page of this web site.